Unlock the power of nature’s remedies: Nickernut and Dandelion

Are you seeking a natural way to boost your health and wellbeing? look no further than Nickernut and Dandelion, two ancient herbs that treat a variety of ailments. When consumed together, these potent plants offer a synergistic blend of benefits that can transform your health from the inside out.

Introducing our Sweet Potato Porridge Mix, infused with the warmth of vanilla, the earthy sweetness of Harraroot, subtle spice of nutmeg, and the conforting and nutritious blend is the perfect way to start you day or satisfy your snack cravings.

Made with high-quality sweet potatoes, our porridge mix is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to keep you energized and focused. The addition of vanilla, harraroot, nutmeg, and cinnamon creates a flavor profile that is both comforting and exciting.

Our sweet Potato Porridge Mix is:

Natural Bissy is a premium herbal tea made from the finest ingredients, carefully selected and packaged in Jamaica. Our tea is natural herbs, that provide a delicious and healthy beverage experience:

All-Natural Ingredients:

Sourced from local Jamaican farmers

No artificial additives or preservatives

Only the finest herbs and spices

Health Benefits:

Aids digestion and relieves stress

Boosts immune system and energy levels

Promotes overall health and well-being